Meet Your MP



How to Meet my Member of Parliament (MP)

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A great Resource: Citizens for Public Justice

Step 1

Go to Maps of Electoral districts by Elections Canada and find out the area name of your Electoral District by finding where your address is within the boundary

Find out who is your Member of Parliament (MP) from your  local constituency with the link and don’t forget to input your Postal code:

Step 2

Send letter to MP with information and request a meeting, click for sample letter to your MP, please do not forget to revise it with your name, address, etc. It is especially important that you put your postal code in the letter.  The postal code  is the information MPs always look for to be sure they are talking to only the people that live in their consituency.

Call or go into the MP’s office to set an appointment. Ask for an appointment date in March, to give us all time to prepare.

Step 3


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